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Unfortunately, AVG and McAfee have blacklisted our Control Panel sub-domains, cpanel.ezyro.com and cpanel.unaux.com. While we are trying our best to get them removed from their blacklist, we assure all the members that these sub-domains do not contain any malicious content.

These are the only two services which black-listed these domains because we provide shared hosting and someone might have tried to abuse our service by uploading some malicious content to their account on our service but all such accounts are thoroughly scanned, suspended and permanently deleted from our system.

Unaux and Ezyro are constantly used by our members to register new accounts and some users, in attempt to upload malicious content, have played a role in this suspicion. While our system is constantly monitoring and suspending malicious contents, some sub-domains were detected before our system could suspend them.

At the moment, the correct reason for this detection is unknown but we are positive that the issue will be resolved for these two antivirus services within some days.

To make our assurance a guarantee that these sub-domains aren't malicious, here are scan reports of Comodo Analyst:


You can safely white-list these two sub-domains in your antivirus.

I hope that answers some suspicions raised.


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