ERROR 403 Forbidden ????!?

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Hi, i've just started and experimenting with an (rss) xml file. I've set up a couple of small files, that worked flawlessly on my local network. Even in a newsreder. (QuiteRSS)
I copied the files to the server (and checked the link to picture in the xml file. All the files are installed on the server)
In firefox i can read the xml file (and linked picture) but not in my newsreader.
And if i try to load the files with WGET, i get the 'forbidden' error. I don't get it.
Firefox and Chrome can read/download/show the (xml and jpg file), but get 'wget' (and the newreader) not.
Whats going wrong?
Many thanks in advance.....


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    You can access your website's content only via browsers. Programmatic access to scripts is not supported.