They have canceled all my sites, without me having done anything!

Before starting, I notice that I am from Argentina so I speak Spanish, and I will use it to translate Google Translator.

I really have a great problem that recently arose, I was on my site doing maintenance and updating recently, so I uploaded folders with new files and likewise also delete some that no longer served me on the server.

During the process, a surprise error grabbed me.

I speak of what all my pages have been suspended, first the FTP connection was canceled and then all the hosted accounts were canceled.

The WORST, contained very valuable information and had more than 1 important site in my account, I would need to give me at least access to recover the files and restore my site.

The domains canceled by you are: <- THE BEST IMPORTANT

All those websites have been canceled with the reason: "This account is suspended probably because of some prohibited activity. Send us a support ticket to get more information."

I wish I could as I said before at least recover the files to restart my site, I remain with the immediate response from you, cordially