Any trick for free ssl certificate.

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Hi, Admin/Friends I need free ssl certificate, but where i upload ssl certificate related files, while i am making a website with the help of freehost website builder. Please If you have any idea or any video tutorial please share with me, I am ever thankful. Please help me. Have a nice day :) .


  • TheCrafters
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    Step 1: Go to your websites and click "Manage" on the website you want to manage!

    Step 2: Click Control panel and Wait 5 Seconds (click the button on the new page that opens up if you are not redirected there!)

    Step 3:
    Scroll down and find SSL/TLS and click it.

    Step 4: Click on Configure on the website domain (because you can create sub domains) you want to add a SSL to.
    Step 5: Add your SSL.
    Step 6: Save.

    I do not know if it will work for Free accounts though.

  • rt1yrru
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    just enable cloudfare from the panel