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Hello, I bought the Super upgrade for the website control panel. So i do this at my school because i do this competition called BPA Business Professionals Of America Also i am 12 years old. The objective of this is to code a website with a certain topic. So yesterday i bought the premium hosting but then my schools website IBOSS blocked the site right after the payment went thru. So the like i forget the link like process complete page did not go thru cause it go blocked. But the billing was not blocked so we paid and did not get it. So i tryed again and it was still blocked so i was billed total $8.00 USD and got nothing. If we need to send a picture of the bank account and it getting taken out please let me know **I have 12 days till the project is due!!!!****** Please help! I need to get this done I go all the way from Michigan to Texas for this competition Please help!!!!

If you need to contact me by email please do

Thank you for your support


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    I put like by accident but i meant link

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    The upgrades inside control panel are handled by iFASTNet. You can contact them directly from their support system.