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I had some IP's Banned for abuse on my website or causing problems and I went to look at it this morning and all IP's were removed. I think there is a bug in the IP banning system as the IP's should of remained on. Any help is greatly appreciated!


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    PFH/forum email not verified!

    Welcome to PFH forum! If you mean the control panel "IP banning system", try using /htdocs/.htaccess file and add manually. dotfiles are hidden by default.

    ErrorDocument 403     /?p=403
    ErrorDocument 404     /?p=404
    deny from 155
    deny from 155.133
    deny from 155.133.64
    deny from
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    first of all thank you! 2nd I am not familar with HTAccess how to set it up, I am a newbie to. My email should be verified. is that why the control panel IP banning isnt working, I am not verified? thanks again and thanks for the warm welcome! Guess i gotta delete and restart with an email that is not deleted since i cannot change my email

  • @ChrisBOnTheWeb said:
    My email should be verified. is that why the control panel IP banning isnt working, I am not verified?

    It has nothing to do with that,
    He is talking about the forum email. It has not been verified. Please check your Email. Also be sure it is not in SPAM, because it can be there.

    Welcome to PFH!

    As for HTACCESS. Follow these instructions:

    1. Go to your accounts and click your manage button
    2. Click your control panel, and wait a few seconds
    3. Locate your "Online file manager" button
    4. Locate a htdocs folder (can be in / folder or in a subdomain folder) and enter it
    5. after entering it click the "New File" button
    6. Your vision should be this: You will need to change this to the image on step 7.
    7. Change the information: (The following is the example provided above.)
    8. Save
      And your done. Hope this helped
    • TheCrafters
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    it is VERIFIED I did it a couple of days ago. and thanks @TheCrafters the IP block feature is working right now under the control panel apparently lol! I have saved that information for the nearby future in case this happens again. Thanks to the both of you! Appreciate it!

  • @TheCrafters thanks for the warm welcome too btw!

  • @ChrisBOnTheWeb said:
    @TheCrafters thanks for the warm welcome too btw!

    You are very welcome. But again, your FORUM email is not verified, scene we are moderators we can view your roles and it clearly states "Not Verified."

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