[Solved] Suspended page and no answer ?!

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So hi to all again,
I wanted really to skip creating thread on forum but as I dont receive no answer for four days we really need to know more information.
We created website with wordpress plugin and we lost almost a week creating everything and right now we are not able not even to sign in or use FTP because of suspended page.
Reason as stated below:

Your account unaux_21929682 has been suspended because of some phishing/keylogging or bad script usage.

So we didnt receive any info from admin (contacted them on email [email protected]) and we really want some update. We wanted to see how it goes on this host before moving to premium but looks like we got suspended page for no reason.
Last things I done was installing three plugins YEO optimisation, counter visitor and 3D plugin (to create offer for our customers).

Thank You all.
Sincerely MInistryof3D.



  • You guys can close the thread. Admin already helped us. Thank you for very fast answer.
    Sincerely Ministryof3D

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