FTP Error/Issue, login authentication failed.

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It's giving me an error saying: "Login authentication failed", then this comes up: "Critical Error: Could not connect to server"...

Could someone please help me, using FileZilla 3.33.0, I'm trying to install MyBB with FileZilla...


  • TheCrafters
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    PFH Forum Email Not Verified
    Domain Not given.

    Please provide more information.
    You can install the MyBB Forums by going to your accounts, clicking "Manage" next to your domain, followed by clicking "Control Panel" after the next page shows up.
    Wait 5 seconds to get to the Control Panel, then wait for it to log in, after it logs in, scroll down and find "Softaculous Apps Installer" and click on the link or image, and wait for the Softaculous Apps Installer to log you in. Once there click on the word "Forums" and MyBB should be the 3rd on the list of Forum software. Click that, then wait for the page to load. After it loads, (if not already) click install, then enter in if the website should be on HTTPS or not WWW or not or both. Choose your domain/subdomain. Enter in your file path (without the "/" in it, if you want it on top domain leave empty) Enter in your site's information. Enter in A username and Password, and then enter in a Email (Email information can be found here) enter in your language, and then click install. It will install MyBB For you in the selected directory. All you need to do is follow the steps.