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Hello, I am here to request by my right, the total exclusion of my profile, I do not want to use your services anymore, thank you for the service provided, but I have no further interest and I want my profile and all data to be deleted from the server , this is my right. I'm requesting here in the forum, because the system offers no option to delete the account and also no contact form or contact email, very lousy by the way. Please delete my profile immediately.

Data of access to my account:

E-mail: [email protected]
Password: [Removed by Moderator]


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    @admin said:
    Do not share your credentials in public and never share your password to anyone including the Profreehost staff because they will never need it.

    You need to close your all hosting accounts from inside of Profreehost clientarea and contact via email to get your account deleted

    The admin email is [email protected]

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