Site offline

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I not do any change in the website many days ago


  • ChrisPAR
    edited November -1

    This might be related to the maintenance.

    Have you tried temporary disabling CloudFlare to see if that works?

  • jventura
    edited January 2019

    I not activated cloudflare in the cpanel, i directly make a account in cloudflare and added my site. Not have any away to disable cloudflare.

  • jventura
    edited November -1

    @badbot said:

    update name servers to profreehost default name servers.

    always been. But Has there been any change in ns ip? Can you pass me the nameservers and their respective ips?

  • jventura
    edited February 2019

    [Solved after 4 days offline] The site went back to work without me making any changes. Thanks!