My website got suspended because it hits resources limit. Of that's what you guys say and it's impossible. I saw I had only use 20% which I saw 3 hours ago. And the visitor isn't even 200. Are you guys saying they costed all my daily hits. I am 100% sure it's a bug. So please help me out fast or report if have gotten anything wrong fast please. Thanks


  • @hashib

    Requesting help? Post your domain name, every time! Do not post same help request in two threads. Date of request can get lost.

    hashib said:
    Help me out fast

    fast help request are not supported.

    It is not a bug. It is a free hosting cluster limitation. No one here can see a detailed website visit log. Website traffic can be any thing from visitors, to cookie request, bots etc.

    It may be a temporary suspension. Recourse is to wait it out.
    It may be a termination. Recourse is none.

    You should make sure your cpanel contact email is valid. Suspension details will be sent.

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    However my website is which is addon in . There is also an account with which have no addon domain(And I don't use it neither it have any domains or website) got suspended after the maintenance was over. However the domain addon in account was working (I am saying this because in stops workings when I close the account. I had use 20% of daily hits in and it couldn't be 100% in 3-6 hr because I only got 150 visitors that day (report from Google analytics) . And even if hits any limit I don't know, it's impossible for account to get suspended cause it don't even have a website or a donain the
    I was sended this message :
    Your account unaux_21799941 has been suspended because it reached the daily resource limits.
    Do not worry, it will be automatically re-activated after 24 hours of suspension

  • @hashib

    System resource counter is accurate. 24 hours turn around. Start debugging your scripts. Start with Google analytics.

  • sorry I don't quite understood that. If you are saying me that to see visitors of each day than I was never upper than 150

  • @hashib

    System resource counter is accurate, You where suspended for 24 hours because the site reached the daily resource limits. Your site is now active.

    If it happens again then you need to fine the source of the daily resource limits drain. There is also a monthly resource limits.

    Not a bug! System resource counter is accurate!

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