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  • got it thank you
  • ok thank you for helping I will just go to wordpress then untill I learn php properly
  • I moved both of the php files to the main directory as welcome.php and form.php
  • what am I supposed to do I honestly don't know how you are to format the sql login: $mysqli = new mysqli('', 'ezyro_20786443', 'logan1027', 'accounts');
  • so install a cms instead and logan1027 is my mysql password
  • My login form php: <?phpsession_start();$_SESSION['message'] = '';$mysqli = new mysqli('', 'ezyro_20786443', 'logan1027', 'accounts');if($_SERVER['REQUEST_METHOD'] == 'POST') {//two passwords are equalif($_POST['PASSWORD'] == $_POST['confirmpassword']){print_r($_FILES); die;$username =…
  • what is wrong with my syntax everything was working for this guy I was copying off of on youtube and there is html in there
  • thank you it works
  • This is my current code: < div id="mydiv"> Click here to move * <a href="/htdocs/index.html"><b><u><font color='red'>Home</font></u></b></a> * <a href="/htdocs/social.html">Social</a> * <a href="" target="_top"><font color='red'>Email me: Send me a question!</font></a> it still…
  • okay thanks
  • I understand this is my code: <!DOCTYPE html> Gamers inc Website. Gamers inc site please be nice! <!-- Background picture not on base computer so it may be taken down--> <body background=""> <!-- * <a…
  • well now I have multiple pages and can't find their links for the menu where do I find the links for multiple pages?
  • thank you it worked