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  • Wow, one whole company, that doesn't even have anything to do with me, sigh.
  • It's called taking an interest, I'm looking for a module to base a client area of a non-hosting related object off of.
  • Yes, I'm so good at marketing, I've not mentioned any companies I'm affiliated with even once...
  • So, you won't spend money on staff, but you will to get a pretty site? Yeah, I'm going to use infinity free as they care about their customers,
  • I'm not sure, the host this website was 'stolen off' was a template. The whole main site was a template. I feel as they had a forum template, this must also be one.
  • As already mentioned there are limits such as inode usage and files Hosted and ftp accounts, remote db etc. To my knowledge to high, you can only use 10GB Space as shown in the user features link at By the way, is the company who provide the ProFreeHost servers.
  • I've already notified CPanel of your dodgy license, the fact you bought it after using the theme, and the fact it is the wrong license type. And stop modifying my posts, it's not called unfriendly, it's called calling you out on your dodgy services.
  • Shut up you idiot, just because I'm pointing out the truth. I've used iFastNet since 2013 and they have refused to change max upload size every time, unless I upgrade to 'their' paid hosting,not yours!
  • Your an idiot, I run over 12 diffrent websites, including WordPress blogs that load in well under a >second... My connection is 60Mbps. His sites clearly takes 4 times as long to load :
  • You can't, unless you upgrade to paid package.
    in q Comment by Kieran April 2017
  • You can't remove the "?i=1" from the URL, you are forced to have it in your URL by iFastNet.
    in Q Comment by Kieran April 2017
  • Hello, The original X3 Retro theme didn't require licensing since it was at End Of Life. iFastNet then went on to make a pirated theme without a proper license, and then purchase a license, afterwards of the incorrect type. CPanel Incorporated have been notified of this fault, and they will be contacting iFastNet regarding…
  • At the time of original posting the license wasn't valid, furthermore that is the wrong license. iFastNet use dedicated servers, hence their name been displayed as the host as they also own the IP Range.
  • Sorry, you can't change the max file upload size.
  • Hello, The resemblance is to close, and it uses the same name, which makes it out to be an official theme, when it is not licensed.
  • Hello, I'm afraid that we don't allow file sharing websites, nor can we increase the max file upload size, as it is set by iFastNet. Regards, Kieran
  • Hello, You will need to create a support ticket, as we are not able to access your account. Regards, Kieran
  • Hello, This is because of a cPanel update, from the 2010 theme to 2013 theme. Although the theme is still pirated and shouldn't be in use without license. The old theme was fine, as it was made open source years ago. Regards, Kieran
  • Hello, Your blog is very slow, maybe free hosting on MyOwnFreeHost/iFastNet isn't a great idea. Either upgrade to paid hosting, optimise your site, or move to another host. The easiest way to optimise your site is by removing useless plugins and using a less resource intensive / better coded theme. Regards, Kieran
  • Hello, Firstly, you shouldn't really put your email as your username, as someone might sign you up to spam. Secondly, your website is probably showing a Error 500 page becuase of a .htaccess or php file misconfig. You can usually find the exact error from the errors section in CPanel (unless disabled by iFastNet). If you…
  • Hello, I've recently checked your CPanel license, since paper lantern isn't freeware, and you don't have a license. Piracy is illegal and if not resolved in 5 days, I'll be forced to report it to cPanel, Inc. Thanks, Kieran