Want to move my domain to other host... but it tells me that my domain is still in use by i already deleted my site from here... pointed my dns to the other host but still get the same error ... i am moving to my site if i go there... it send me to tanks for any help recieved


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  • on my wp install it says "left blank if none subdirectori" so i left blank instead of WP subfolder... it was working fine... but i have been having the problem a couple weeks now... i just installed wp... nothing fancy... i just did that... sometimes it works.. but as soon as i try to "install plugin... theme...…
    in php error Comment by ainox February 2019
  • i can access to v-arquitectura in a newly open private window... but as soon as i try to go to my wp-admin i get the 404 error and again... cant access to my v-arquitectura site.... i have a fresh install of wp... and still the same could be that some kind of virus or someting like that? i get ssl certificate trought…
    in php error Comment by ainox February 2019
  • @badbot tank you.... ist this a common situation? should i change my host service? today i have the problem that always tell me that my conection is not secure i have the green lock for a few moment... but sudenly changes to the red lock... i am using cloudflare ssl encription... the problem is that sometimes i try to…
    in php error Comment by ainox February 2019
  • have the same problem here... i was building a site yesterday night and sudenly couldnt continue... i deleted the account and re create a new one to start over... and the creation has taken for about 3 hours