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  • I'm not pointing with the A record, but with CName. I also tried to use cloudflare by setting the NS, but the result is the same. Maybe it is because I didn't link my domain with the .it one?
  • I totally agree with you that it's dumb to have to use a second (free) service to provide with the same function the paid service should do. I tried all the different configuration I could find on this forum and none of them works with the .it domain. All of them are rejected. I also tried to transfer the domain, but it is…
    in Problem DNS Comment by frncesco May 2017
  • I already tried that way, but their excuse is that SOAQueryAnswerTest, NSQueryAnswerTest, and MXQueryAnswerTest failed. I think it's a problem of the .it domain register. Funny thing is that now even the previous configurations don't work.
    in Problem DNS Comment by frncesco May 2017
  • Thanks for your comments (in both posts). Currently I trying to use cloudflare since does not allow the use of profreehost NS. So I set the NS of my domain to the ones provided by cloudflare, then on cloudflare I set the NS of my profrehost domain. I tried both with: and…
    in Problem DNS Comment by frncesco May 2017
  • Sorry, my bad and lack of explanation and wrong use of terminology. More than a parked domain, I registered an addon domain with control on DNS only. I was wondering if it was possible to "redirect" the traffic from my domain to the one registered with profreehost by setting the CNAME instead of using profreehost NS. The…
  • Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, I can not set redirect with my domain so I am planning to use an "in-between" service that works with .it domains as cloudflare. I have an issue with that, better open a new topic or can I continue here?
    in Problem DNS Comment by frncesco May 2017