how much is the limit of daily and monthly hits for a free hosting account?

My website got suspended while i was posting but i got an email mentioned that "it reached the daily resource limits.
Do not worry, it will be automatically re-activated after 24 hours of suspension."

So i want to know how much is the daily and monthly limits for resource in free hosting account?
my website is :



  • The Daily Limit is on the Control Panel, it is something like 50,000 hits. But, the monthly hits are hidden, and I do not know that.

  • Thanks TheCrafters for your reply.But my website is pretty new and didn't even do any marketing so i'm almost sure my site didn't cross that my cpanel it's showing that i crossed the cpu usage limit so probably thats the reason but still i'm confused as i made account here after knowing that they have unlimited disk space and bandwidth.however i'm thinking to upgrade but got mixed reviews of confused about upgrading too.

  • I am going to quote myself.

    @TheCrafters Said:
    Hits do not apply to a single user, it applies to everyone. How hits work is when, for example, a image is loaded on a web page, both the web page and the image are considered a Hit. So thus making it 2 hits. The more files that are linked together, the more hits you are going to get, for example, if you are using wordpress, you will get several hits, because it is loading more than just images, and text, it connects to a database, it checks the PHP code in other files, etc. So it has to be something in your website causing the files to get several hits at a time. And if you are getting a lot of web traffic, that can contribute to it.

  • Thanks @TheCrafters again.well explained.

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