I need help

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On my plugin aspect,
Please am new here I just need an attention thank you.


  • Please can I provide a screenshot of my problem because I don't know how to explain it, all about HOW TO UPLOAD A ZIP FILE PLUGIN co's am trying to get a full content post in my website, but I can't upload the plugin which I porches outside my wp site, thank u

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    Please I just need an emergency attention or an assistance,
    Please anyone available to help me we can even chat on WhatsApp number(removed by a moderator)

  • Hello, sorry for the late response. Please don't post sensitive stuff here.
    What is the problem you are facing? You can post a screenshot by uploading it to an image service like ImgBB and then pasting the URL after clicking on the page-like button (the last one in the toolbar, not the full page one), or just pasting the URL here for us to see.

    Have you tried support guides such as How to upload large scripts?

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