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My account is suspended again today for the second time. I noticed every time a create a new index file in a subdirectory, it triggers suspension in my account. Are we not allowed to use more than one index file? Using index file in a subdirectory is convenient because it allows us to no longer include the filename of the HTML file in the URL.



  • "any links or scripts like chat, and facebook applications are not allowed on our free accounts and will cause your account / site to be auto suspended.
    This was at the request of Facebook.com due to abusive users using multi-wall posting scripts on our free hosting network."

    This was the reply support gave me. This is not good. The reply doesn't sound that they will restore my account. What's so special about a plain HTML file? It contains very small texts and a link with no scripts. Just because Facebook block it they will not check the problem on ProFreeHost and will just let your account suspended.


  • Good day.

    Today, I created a support ticket using the Control Panel because my website got suspended. This is the second time my site got suspended. The first one was a month or two ago. Both suspensions happened after I created an index file (index.html) in a different directory. I like doing this because you no longer need to include the filename in the URL to access the page something like "http://uideotechdepot.ezyro.com/pages/" instead of doing "http://uideotechdepot.ezyro.com/pages/page.html".

    When the index file is already working, I tried posting it on Facebook and then it got blocked. I don't know the reason since my site is an audio streaming website and all mp3 files are hosted in Google Drive and they aren't even copyrighted because they are trance music not those commercial music by popular singers.

    I've been posting on Facebook since January and there seems to be no problem. After it got blocked, I posted a different link from a page on my site and it was posted successfully. Then when I log in back to my account, there I see my account is suspended. I got very disappointed because the tone of the reply on my ticket doesn't sound that they will restore my account.

    After my complaint today, my account was restored but when I was in the Control Panel the Support Ticket feature which I use to file a ticket is no longer there. They removed it. Why did they remove it? Does this mean they don't want me to send another ticket when my account has a problem?

    I also want to ask to make it clear if the system doesn't allow more than one index file (index.html)? This is always the cause why the system triggers an auto-suspension on my account. Also, if Facebook blocks a link from a site hosted by ProFreeHost, I don't think it is right that ProFreeHost suspends the site just because Facebook blocks it. This is very unfair. If you will check the community section of Facebook, you will learn that a lot of webmasters are complaining because Facebook blocks their sites even if there is nothing suspicious about the site.

    Please help me on this. Thanks.

  • "I noticed every time a create a new index file in a subdirectory, it triggers suspension in my account."

    it sounds like you are a repeat offender. How many times have you been auto suspended? I have index files in every sub directory. I was never auto suspended. I have links all over the pages.

    Are you sure you where not running some sort of email scam script? Or posting links to malware or software that does not belong to you.

    Always blame those around you, take no responsibility, be a victim.

  • Hello
    contact profreehost support by email.

    Yes you can have more then one index file. You can have more then one index file in the same directory. And you know that.

    You have uideotechdepot.ezyro.com/index redirected to zytpirwai.net ( CloudFlare Inc. IP address. Your most likly hitting the visit limit.

  • No. The hits limit is very low. This is the second time that this happens. After I created an index file in a subdirectory and verify it is working, when I posted it on Facebook, they block it. Then the suspension comes in.

  • Nope. The index file is a very small page with few texts and a single download link.

  • "After I created an index file in a subdirectory and verify it is working,"

    It is not the index in sub directory I use it all the time.


    "when I posted it on Facebook, they block it."

    Who blocks it? The suspension is computer generated. Something is triggering it. Bookface is social network and it probably sends hits all over the world to update your recent activity. So you know posting a link to one of your webpages on bookface triggers the suspension. But you do it any way. Its not a bug or issue, it is a freehost limitation. You will have to find another way to update your followers.

    I have to ask, is that where you want http://uideotechdepot.ezyro.com/ to go. Is that your webpage after the ads? You know that every time someone visits the ads and link sharing are counted as a visitor. How many ads/link shares do you have?

  • I am not a repeat offender ok. I don't even violate the TOS. All mp3 files on my site are not even hosted on ProFreeHost. They are all stored on my Google Drive and they are not even copyrighted. They are not the usual commercial music by popular singers. They are trance music.

  • Hi There,

    I've forwarded your concern to the support. They will contact you soon on email address that you used to register your account.

    The current ticketing system was somewhat broken but it doesn't mean that you cannot contact support directly via email address.

    I know you are facing some inconveniences but we plan to integrate a better support solution soon.

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