how daily hits is counted ?

hi , i'm new here, and i got susponded because of daily hits limit (i got about 4k visitors that day), the thing i want to know is how it's calculated or what is daily hits ?
i read somewhere not in this forum that "daily hits is all requests to the server", so if it's true : one pageview in my website can generate about 50 hits or more,if so about 1k visitors can pass the limit, so all lifted limitation on space and bandwidth has no meaning if i'm limited with daily hits


  • What do you mean by server? I think it is done by cookies. It is by account, all domains you have on the account. The limit is 50000 hits. In control panel on right side under "STATISTICS" you can view "Daily Hits Used". I also believe it is unique visits. I think hot linking images can be a hit not sure about that.

    Lifted limitation on space and bandwidth means, "space and bandwidth are unlimited". As long as you don't reach the daily hit limit. 50000 hits is fair, What are you doing that 1 page view is 50 hits? All pages viewed by 1 unique visitor is 1 hit. You have a free hosting account and some how your getting ripped off.

  • i mean by server is server calls "SQL queries or maybe images..." any thing on back-end
    and in my website i don't use cookies at all, i use sessions and only for members, and i have only 4 members, my website is 5 days old and i got about 10k page-views, and 4k page-views on the day i got suspended.
    all pages on my website are dynamic (dynamic meta tags from database,i use include_once a lot in my webpages, i call about 5 functions in page) ...
    so i wanna know how this daily hits are calculated to prevent future suspense, because i'm not sure about it's equal to number of server requests

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    Email contact at this domain and the owner will check. The hosting server software uses cookies during domain resolution. Have you seen the "?i=1" at the end of the domain?

    The MySQL host name is for my account. Totally different from The domain gets the hit and the database is not a visit (hit) it is a request. Include, and function are not hits.

    I would say facebook updates, or some other social update that uses a lot of different IPs. Do you run forum software? Those forum spam scripts could kill you. What I mean is the hit counter is spot on. You had 50000 hits or suspended for some other reason.

  • yes "?i=1" appears on my site and i don't know why , and i don't have a forum, i have an admin form to upload articles and images

  • Yes, you are right about the term 'hit'. You can reduce number of requests to web server to save hits.

  • thank you admin, it's clear now

  • how to upgrade from daily limited hits to daily unlimited hits?

  • @danupam said:
    how to upgrade from daily limited hits to daily unlimited hits?

    There is no way to get Unlimited Hits. Your hits are just increased. I do not know how much, but I know by at least over 100,000.

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