You account is suspended because it reached the daily cpu/hits limit

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Hello, my account is suspended because it reached the daily cpu/hits limit, it says that it will be reactivated after 24 h, it has been 24 h but my account is stil suspended ??
another question , how to prevent this again i use wordpress .


  • TheCrafters
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    This has to do with "hits."
    If your daily hit count has been reached, your account + website will be suspended for 24 hours, and after that it will restore. A hit is a request to a web server for a file. There may be many hits per page view since an HTML page can contain multiple files, such as images. This has nothing to do with wordpress, it has to do with how many visitors you are getting. If your monthly hits has been reached (hidden to users) it will suspend your website + your account (account meaning your website account) for 30 days.
    I hope this will clear some information.

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  • mrdaarchitects
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    how to increase daily/monthly hits? suspended for 30days is quite long if its hits huhuh really need to prevent it to be suspended that long