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I have set my site in profreehost and i can send email but I couldnot receive emails and also i have set my mx record for my domain at also , but still issue is not fixed help me. My site is


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    DNS errors
    try adding

    You activated CloudFlare -> [ ]
    better to sign up directly with cloudflare then activate in cpanel!

    Working dns (no cloudflare)

    Working dns (with cloudflare)

    MX Record
    Try adding
    priority of 5

    System has been updating.

    I always found " []", to be buggy.
    Better luck using a " []" account, and adding on the domain. (watch it redirect all http traffic to https).

  • @user_84online said:
    I have set my site in profreehost and i can send email but I couldnot receive emails and also i have set my mx record for my domain at also , but still issue is not fixed help me. My site is

    The Cloudflare integration on Cpanel breaks emails.

    Disable it or use directly CF from them by signing up on their site as badbot said, but do not activatebit again on Cpanel after that.

  • I have done some changes , check it now @badbot

  • @user_84online said:
    I have done some changes , check it now @badbot

    You got a let's encrypt certificate! Congrats!

    Good luck with your site.

    I see CloudFlare is disabled too, which means emails should come without problem.

  • @user_84online

    So how is email working on unaux? Does ifastnet still add messages to out going emails?

    Issue's I had on unaux, How is it working for you?

    heads Up

    Any time DNS zone (domain) changes at registrar (freenom) Let's Encrypt Certificate is lost locally. Simply re-upload from control panel. Can be quit painful.

    DNS Zone

    Even though and have the same IP address ['']. Using and in place of ns1, and should remove the 2 errors and 1 warning.

    Mismatched NS records: WARNING: One or more of your nameservers did not return any of your NS records.

    Multiple Nameservers: ERROR: Looks like you have less than 2 nameservers. According to RFC2182 section 5 you must have at least 3 nameservers, and no more than 7. Having 2 nameservers is also ok by me.

    SOA MNAME Entry: WARNING: SOA MNAME ( is not listed as a primary nameserver at your parent nameserver!

    keeping ns3, ns4, and is a positive for DNS record look up for the free hosting network services!

    I closed my unaux account down, finding it buggy. After finding this clean dns zone fix on ezyro I may open one up to test the unaux zone file. If I remember right I always had some error come up no matter what I set.

    Good DNS is a must if you want to be found.

  • @badbot

    I removed CloudFlare and my mail worked perfectly and when i goto cloudflare website to register from there to my site..

    They want to change nameservers to their.

    And Deleting ns1,ns2,ns3,ns4,ns5 name server from the domain...

    Shalu i change the name server , will it affect the domain , cpanel , unaux ???

    I need working mail with Cloudflare Too... Help Me... I tried like u said i registered there and enavae cloudflare again in cpanel and mail stopped working..

    My question us regarding the Name server changing to Cloudflare... Will it affect my cpanel and profreehost features???

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    If set up properly the system will work as expected.

    Be Advised

    When you change DNS values life stops, TTL (time to live) must propagate. Like dominoes all DNS records start to breath again according to how much time was left at record change.

    DNS Zone File

    A Record is Glue

    For this hosting service Cloud Flare can only encrypt (SSL) the domain ( by A record IP. Plus www because they have the same A record. So you will also need A record for www. is automaticlly added to the A record

    During set up you can use advance set up (custom) for DNS and add an A record (IP for MX and a MX record -> with a priority "5". Without SSL (secure).

    You can not use as an MX because the A record IP for is The mail servers IP is

    But in your case being on unaux check out the MX record IP:

    I tried to separate the 2 IP address, It did not work.

    So you need to add a MX record at cloud flare "" priority "0". Without SSL (secure). This MX record should be all you need for mail to work. But adding the other for fall back is a good idea.

    If I remember correctly cloud flare gives you a control panel and you can add these records for the domain without changing name servers. It may rerun the set up, but the name servers remain the same.

    In short cloud flare now holds the dns zone file for "". It is not cloud flare that brakes the mail it is the set up.

    I have not been able to encrypt (SSL) the mail server. I have not been able to successfully encrypt (SSL) cpanel, webmail, ftp. I think they are system cname records. But they will still work properly without adding to cloud flare. [http]


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    1) I get the ifastnet message on outgoing mail.. what should I do..
    2)And still should i point nameservers to cloudflare....
    3)I want cloud flare and My mails too..
    4) Give me an proper setup to have these two..
    5) Say me the proper mx record for my domain in cpanel and cloud flare .. currently i have bunch of mx in cpanel
    6)Currently , i disabled my cloud flare and give me all information from the start to enable cloudflare and to receive Mails

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    1) You will always get message on out going while on unaux
    2) It is up to you weather to use cloud flare. If you want to use cloud flare certificate, you need to use the cloud flare nameservers
    3) The last post has proper set up.
    4) in cpanel or cloud flare the only MX you need is ->
    6) I know your cloud flare is disabled by visiting:

    I see you swapped but did not add

    You already have SSL certificate on If you want a cloud flare certificate follow the guide on this post:

    If your changes do not work for you, change it back.

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